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Keep Your Dog Under Control and Protect You and Your Dog From Aggressive Animals

Spray Shield for Safe walks
Spray Shield for Safe walksSpray Shield for Safe walksSpray Shield for Safe walksSpray Shield for Safe walks
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Gentle, Citronella Spray Makes Walking Safe
Whether you live in the city, where stray dogs are rife, or whether you live in a rural area, where you're more likely to come across a wild opossum or raccoon, encountering an aggressive, unknown animal can be both frightening and dangerous. But yelling or throwing something at a wild animal can be seen as menacing, and it could attack. You know that you need something to protect yourself and your loved ones, but pepper spray can not only blow back into your eyes and cause you harm, but it can also increase the aggression of the animal you're trying to deter.

Spray Shield Features
  • Effective, humane animal deterrent
  • Citronella spray is safe for indoor & outdoor use
  • Can be used as a training aid for your dog
  • 10 oz can - up to 15 sprays
  • We sell the holster from the pet corrector because it's easier to refill and sturdy
  • Perfect for walking, biking, mail men, etc
  • Convenient belt clip allows you to carry it even when exercising.
  • Sprays up to 10 - 12 feet.

How To Use the SPRAYSHIELD® Animal Deterrent Spray
To be most effective the spray stream should be aimed at or near the nose of an attacking animal. Before using SprayShield on an animal, the user should test the spray to become familiar with the range of spray.

  • SAFETY: Citronella is the active ingredient and presents a strong odor to the animal causing them to be back away and stop their aggressive behavior
  • EFFECTIVENESS: Independent research has shown that SprayShield is effective in controlling dogs exhibiting low to medium aggression. It should be noted, however, that while the product has matched the effectiveness of 10% pepper spray on dogs, it may not stop trained attack animals or those animals with a strong motivation to attack.
  • HOW TO USE: The first defense is observation and awareness of the area. Potentially dangerous situations should be avoided. However, if faced with an attack situation SprayShield can be sprayed at or near the nose of the animal to distract it and allow valuable seconds for retreat to a safe place. A second or continuous spray may be used for those animals that persist. If the dog owner gets upset by you spraying their dog

    Q- I am interested in the spray shield. However, I see that it can explode with heat. I live in Arizona where the temps can get to 117 degrees. When i'm out walking in the heat, is there a chance it could explode?

    A- That would happen if you left it outside in direct sun for over two hours. As long as you are careful it won't happen. It definitely don't happen on a walk with it in your hand or pocket.

Product Reviews for Spray Shield for Safe walks

  • Shake can for 1-2 seconds,
  • Slide safety trigger to left to activate.
  • Aim spray nozzel at animal's nose
  • Depress trigger to fire
  • Sprays maxium 10 feet
  • For safety reasons, always de-activate when not in use
Customer Story
I now carry Spray Shield - an animal deterrent spray, with me on walks. The cylinder canister fits nicely in a pocket or in the palm of your hand. The spray quickly disperses from the can by the push of a button, much like Cap-Stun or Mace. However, because the ingredient is citronella, it is not painful nor harmful to animals or humans. Premier states the potent smell of the releasing citronella causes the mild to medium aggressive animal to become confused as to what was just sprayed at them. I don’t know if this is true but because it is sprayed from the bottle very quickly it will scare most on-coming animals and discourages them from continuing their pursuit.
I have had to use it on one occasion and can attest that it worked very successfully. The attacking dog stopped immediately in its tracks and ceased any further forward movement toward me and my dog. It contains 12 short bursts which should be sufficient to keep a mild to medium aggressive dog at bay.
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