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Angel Eyes-the trusted name in dog eye care has expanded their expertise to these great products

Angel Eyes
What is Angels' Eyes®?
Angels' Eyes is a product that may help eliminate unsightly tear stains. Tear stains are caused from an overflow of tears (epiphora). The reddish brown color in the stains is from Porphyrin pigments (iron/magnesium) in the stains.
How does Angels' Eyes® work?
Angels’ Eyes® works to prevent tear staining by tying up circulating porphyrins. A porphyrin is a compound that reacts with light to produce a reddish brown stain to the medial canthus. The active ingredient in Angels' Eyes®, Tylosin as Tartrate, will prevent your dog from contracting Ptyrosporin (Red Yeast) and bacterial infections which causes excess tearing and staining. Tylosin binds with Porphyrin pigments and prevents them from binding with the animal’s hair.
What are the ingredients in Angels' Eyes®?
Angels' Eyes is wheat and dye free, it's made of 100% pure beef liver, tylosin as tartrate.
What's the difference between Angels' Eyes® and all the other products on the market?
All other products mask or have artificial food coloring, artificial food additives and preservatives, corn, wheat or soy which can cause the stains to reappear worse than before. Angels' Eyes® does not require rubbing or any other difficult maintenance. With Angels' Eyes® you will not need to use bleach, peroxide or any other topical product that may cause allergies and irritations. Many topical products do not list their ingredients.

Angel Eyes Multi-Vitamins
Regular price: $21.99
Sale price: $18.99
Angel Eyes Plus Antibiotic-Free Dog Vitamins
Regular price: $39.99
Sale price: $32.99
Angel Eyes Tear Stain Wipes
Regular price: $19.99
Sale price: $13.99
Angels Eyes Heavenly Coat Vitamins
Regular price: $12.99
Sale price: $9.99
Dog Eye Wipes
Regular price: $9.99
Sale price: $6.99
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  • True "Mom & Pup" small store customer service. They stand behind their products and will do whatever it takes to make sure they make it right"

  • Mishka,is prancing around like the princess she is with her lighted collar and quiet tags, showing off to the boys. Thanks again for another great product, fast shipping and outstanding customer service!"

  • This is the first time I've used a coupler and really didn't know if it would work for my little heathens..... From day one they walked well together and I'm so glad I got it. Thanks for a great product and very speedy delivery!

  • I am very happy with the products I purchased. The online process was easy and before I knew it the package was here. Simple, easy, no frills.

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