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Gentlle Leader - Head Collar

Gentlle Leader - Head Collar
Gentlle Leader - Head CollarGentlle Leader - Head CollarGentlle Leader - Head Collar
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The Gentle Leader Headcollar stops pulling, lunging, jumping, and other unwanted behaviors with immediate, gentle control. Unlike traditional collars, the Gentle Leader® places pressure on the back of the neck instead of the front of the delicate throat, preventing choking and coughing.

The Gentle Leader by Premier is not a muzzle, it's a "head collar." It immediately eliminates pulling on the leash -- when you steer your dog's nose, you steer his entire body. It's a positive, no-pain option for controlling your dog.

Dogs of all sizes pull on standard collars and harnesses due to a natural instinct to pull against pressure. The Gentle Leader Headcollar's unique design counters that instinct in two ways:
  • Pressure is applied to the back of the neck (rather than the front) reducing your dog's drive to pull forward.
  • It works like a halter on a horse -- where the nose goes, the body will follow.

Product De-Tails:
  • Reduces pulling on the leash
  • Perfect for training dogs to heel
  • Easy to fit and get dog used to wearing it
  • Collar sits high on dog’s neck without putting pressure on the throat
  • Nose loop redirects dog without the need for a muzzle
  • Available in 5 sizes - Color Black (shows less dirt)
  • Detailed instructions and a training DVD
  • Not a muzzle -- when fitted properly your dog can open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch, and bark
  • Nylon straps
  • Has an adjustable nose loop for a custom fit
  • Won't choke -- pressure is applied at the back of the neck vs. the front of the throat
  • Won't come off -- no need for safety straps or double-leashing
  • Converts to a regular collar for greater flexibility
  • Can be used with dogs 8 weeks of age or older
  • Can be worn up to 18 hours per day

    Size Chart:
  • Small -- less than 25 lbs
  • Medium -- 25-60 lbs
  • Large -- 60-130 lbs
  • X-Large -- above 130 lbs

  • Headcollar
  • Training DVD
  • Training Instructions
  • Leash not included

Product Reviews for Gentlle Leader - Head Collar

The Gentle Leader is a useful training tool for teaching your dog better leash manners. When your dog pulls, the Gentle Leader gently moves his head and body back towards you. This effectively refocuses his attention to you and off the distraction. You can easily train your dog to heel using the Gentle Leader plus your preferred training method. Once he’s learned to let you lead walks, you may only need to use the Gentle Leader as a backup during situations when you’ll need that extra control, such as at the vet or dog park.

Sizing Chart:

Size Weight Breeds
Extra Small Under 5 pounds Toy breeds, Teacup breeds, Puppies
Small Under 25 pounds Beagles, Jack Russells, Shelties
Medium 25 to 60 pounds Border Collies, Dalmatians, Spaniels
Large 60 to 130 pounds Danes, Goldens, Labs
Extra Large Over 130 pounds Giant breeds and oversized dogs

Manufacturer Instructions:

Gentle Leader fits differently than other collars or halters you may have used before! Without a proper fit, you may experience unnecessary problems - excessive pawing, rubbing and resistance, or chafing of the nose.

The Nose loop needs to be as loose and comfortable as possible, moving freely from just in front of the eyes to the beginning of the fleshy part of the nose - but NOT so loose that it can come off. The proper fit of the Nose Loop is totally dependent on the proper fit of the Neck Strap, which must be high at the very top of the neck (touching the skull) and very snug (only one finger barely squeezes underneath) so that it cannot rotate.

The Neck Strap MUST:
  • Be positioned as high on the neck as possible, directly behind ears and touching base of skull in back, and above Adam's apple in front.
  • Not be able to rotate around neck.
  • Fit very snugly at top of neck so that you can barely squeeze only one finger underneath, like a belt, watch band or shoe. This is the MOST important part of the entire fitting process! Please resist the temptation to make the Neck Strap loose - if you loosen it, either your dog will be able to paw the Nose Loop off, or you will wind up making the Nose Loop too tight, or the Nose Loop will rotate causing discomfort.

    The Nose Loop should:
  • Be loose and comfortable so that your dog can freely open his mouth.
  • Be able to move freely from just in front of eyes to beginning of the wet part of nose.
  • Rest behind the corners of mouth.
  • Not be so loose that it can be pulled off over the nose (after snap clamp is adjusted).

    A dog needs to open his mouth to pant/breathe during physical activity or stress. DO NOT keep a constant pull on the leash for more than about 20-30 seconds. Your dog will be able to open his mouth as needed when there is no tension on the leash.

    When properly fitted and viewed from the side, Gentle Leader will resemble a "V" for "Victory!", NOT an "L" for "Too Loose."

    Throughout the fitting process and during initial use of Gentle Leader, motivate and encourage your dog with praise and special tasty treats. If your dog is especially wiggly, have someone help by feeding treats while you fit and adjust.

    1. Attach leash to Control Ring.

    2. Open Neck Strap and hold one end in each hand. Nose Loop and leash should hang down, like the letter "T".

    3. Pre-fit Neck Strap high on the neck touching base of skull in back, with Center Bar Ring in the niche just above the Adam's apple in front. Center Bar Ring should be parallel to the neck, not the underside of jawbone. Neck Strap must be snug so that only one finger can squeeze under it, and it cannot rotate around neck. Gently grasp skin at back of neck and pull downward toward shoulders, while at the same time holding Neck Strap against base of skull - this pulls any excess skin or coat from under Neck Strap, improving the fit. Check again to be sure that only one finger can barely squeeze under Neck Strap, and tighten if needed. Notice that even though the Neck Strap fits much more snugly than other collars, your dog is comfortable, able to easily pant and shows no signs of distress. Give him a treat and see for yourself that he acts as if nothing is even there! (If using "buckle" style Neck Strap, mark the appropriate hole for future reference.)

    4. Take Neck Strap off your dog. Slide Adjustable Snap Clamp down to Control Ring. (To open, lift tab with thumb, dime or key; to close press tab until it snaps into locked position. The snap is designed to lock firmly into place and not slip; therefore, it requires a bit of pressure to open and close.)

    5. Pull Nose Loop up through Center Bar Ring.

    6. With dog at your side or between your legs, hold Nose Loop open. Reach under dog's head to slip Nose Loop onto base of your dog's muzzle and give a treat to keep him occupied. Snap Neck Strap high on neck at its pre-fitted position. (Some people find that taking a few moments gently "massage" their dog's muzzle and cheeks prior to putting on Nose Loop may help him more quickly accept the new sensation.)

    7. Make final adjustment to Nose Loop. It should be behind corners of mouth and loose enough to pull forward to wet part of nose, but not so loose that it can be pulled entirely off muzzle. Slide snap clamp up or down to adjust. With thumb and index finger, pinch Nose Loop underneath snap clamp, temp. holding it from moving. Test size of Nose Loop by pulling it forward as far as it will go. When it touches beginning of wet part of nose, but is not so loose that you can pull it off, close snap clamp by pressing down on tab - you'll hear a snap as it locks.

    The First Few Minutes:
    Gentle Leader has been nicknamed the "10-minute Attitude Adjuster" because many dogs respond with a dramatic change in behavior in less than 10 minutes. If positive results take longer, it is almost always due to improper fit; lack of a strongly motivating reward; and/or failure to release ALL the tension on the leash the instant the dog does what you want.

    It may take your dog several minutes to adjust to the new sensation of the Gentle Leader. As soon as you have completed fitting, we recommend that you:
  • Immediately encourage your dog to walk at your side for 5 or 6 steps
  • Then sit (reward with treat or praise)
  • Walk and sit again
  • Repeat 5 to 10 times or until your dog walks and sits quietly under control

    Your dog may resist by pawing at the Nose Loop. Remember that he is not in pain, he is simply resisting the new message telling him he is no longer in control. Don't try to "comfort" your dog with petting or soothing phrases. If you do this while he is resisting you'll be reinforcing unwanted behavior. Save your praise and stroking for when he is no longer resisting and is calmly walking, sitting, or standing.
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