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Find out Your Dog's DNA !
This kit will tell you about your dog's genetic heritage so you can understand them more and train appropriately. New and improved! Version 2.0 - Good for all dogs!

Dog DNA Test
Dog DNA TestDog DNA TestDog DNA Test
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We tested this great product and are very impressed!
The price includes a priority shipping return envelope-postage-paid,excellent communications as the DNA is tested along the way. And the best part is the results ! A great report is issued that tells you everything.

See DNA Report for this week's mystery dog, click here

    Wisdom Panel® Insights™ ancestry report gives you the power to:
    • Find out what breeds make your best friend so unique
    • Create a more targeted and effective behavior training plan.
    • Plan exercise and play activities that cater to your dog's natural tendencies.
    • Customize your dog's diet and nutrition plan according to the breed's specific needs.
    • Reveal The DNA-Based Answers to
    • Explain your mixed-breed dog’s unique behaviors, personality traits and wellness needs.

    A dog’s ancestry can influence him/her in surprising ways. Obvious and not-so-obvious physical traits, plus behaviors like digging, herding and barking, can all come from the various breeds in your dog’s family tree.

    Product De-Tails:
    • DNA Sample Collection Form
    • 2 DNA Cheek Swabs
    • Pre-paid envelope

    Who is Mars Veterinary?
    Mars Veterinary is a division of MARS® Incorporated, a company known for innovative consumer and pet food brands that are trusted by people around the world. Its mission is to facilitate responsible pet care by enlightening pet owners and communities with valuable insights into their pets as individuals through innovative, science-based discoveries.

    For nearly a decade, Mars Veterinary has researched and developed state-of-the-art genetic tests for mixed-breed dogs, revolutionizing personalized pet care. By discovering a mixed-breed dog’s ancestry, pet owners and veterinarians can work together to tailor wellness programs that fit the one-of-a-kind needs of a mixed-breed dog.

    Why is Mars, Incorporated involved in canine genetics?
    Mars, Incorporated, a company known for innovative consumer and pet food brands that are trusted by people around the world, has been deeply involved with canine genetics for many years. As one of the largest pet food manufacturers in the world, Mars, Incorporated has consistently provided innovation in products that meet the needs of pets and owners.
    Breed Count Matters
    Dog ancestry testing requires three key components:
    • A good set of DNA markers that can distinguish between different breeds
    • A large database of breeds to look for in your dog
    • A good computer program to analyze the DNA data for the different breeds

    Mars Veterinary spent years analyzing dog DNA to identify the most useful DNA SNP markers to distinguish between different dog breeds.

    Using that set of markers and a large number of DNA samples from each breed, the researchers have developed signatures, or patterns, that are specific to each breed. To date, the Mars Veterinary database of breed signatures is the largest in the world covering over 190 different breeds and it is expanded each year. With Wisdom Panel® Professional, we have taken it even one step further and developed signatures that can identify different subtypes and varieties within the same breed, for example show lines versus field lines of Labrador Retrievers or Miniature Shorthair Dachshunds versus Standard Wirehair Dachshunds.

    Breed count matters – with the largest database you will get the most accurate results. The Wisdom Panel® covers significantly more breeds than any other test with 80% more breeds than Canine Heritage and 3X more breeds than PetSafe. The Wisdom Panel® can find breeds that no other test can like Rat Terrier, Australian Kelpie, and Catahoula Leopard Dog. If the test does not check for a breed, then it cannot find that breed in your dog and may miss something critical and insightful. Thus, the accuracy of the Wisdom Panel® is unmatched by any other breed identification test on the market.

    The final step in the process is having a computer program that is able to analyze your dog’s data against this database of breeds signatures and determine which breed ancestors came together to create your dog.

Product Reviews for Dog DNA Test

This week Molly found out her heritage.
Smiley face Send in your results and we will send you a free gulpy !
See DNA Report for this week's mystery dog, click here
    Preparation Complete collection form
    Complete the DNA samplecollection form, filling in ALL questions to the best of your ability. Valid e-mail address, dog’s name and phone number required for processing sample in lab.* One copy is mailed with the sample and one you should keep for your records. Fill in both swab sleeves
    On the outside of BOTH swab sleeves, write down: (1) Your e-mail address, (2) Your dog’s name and (3) Your name. Lab will not process test without this information. Check for food debris
    Quickly inspect your dog’s mouth between the cheek and gums for food debris. The objective is to collect DNA from cheek cells without any food particles.
    Sample Collection Open Swab
    Peel back the edges of the swab sleeve. Set the sterile sleeve aside for mailing. Remove swab from package by holding its handle. Avoid touching the swab’s bristle brush with your hand. Place swab on inside cheek
    Holding your dog’s head, insert the swab into his mouth, turning the bristles away from his teeth toward his cheek. Do not scrape your dog’s teeth with the brush. Gently rotate
    Holding the swab’s handle, FIRMLY roll and rotate the swab’s bristle head against the inside surface of your dog’s cheek for about 15 seconds. This will not harm your dog in any way. The goal is to collect a large quantity of your dog’s cheek cells for DNA analysis. Mailing the Sample Mail back to us
    Let swabs air dry 5 minutes. Re-insert the swab into the protective sleeve so that the bristle brush is completely covered by the sleeve. Important: Do not re-seal the sleeve. This can cause bacteria/fungus growth.
    Your dog’s swab samples should be shipped immediately. They can be shipped at normal room temperature (no refrigeration or ice necessary).
    Place the swabs and one copy of the DNA sample submission form inside the pre-paid envelope and drop it in your mailbox. No postage necessary.
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