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Dog Training Diaper

Doggie Diaper- MADE IN THE USA
Doggie Diaper- MADE IN THE USA Doggie Diaper- MADE IN THE USA Doggie Diaper- MADE IN THE USA Doggie Diaper- MADE IN THE USA
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Body Glove Pup Diapers can be used as a cover over disposable diapers or use a panty liner to absorb urine.
Body Glove pup diapers are designed for male or female dogs that are incontinent or for pets that experience excitable urination. They are also great for housebreaking puppies, for female dogs in heat or as a breeding control. THEY EVEN WORK FOR CATS!!

Product De-Tails:
  • Made with soft inner lining that wicks away moisture, inner waterproof liner, outer layer of high quality stretch nylon/lycra.
  • Soft elastic around legs assures a leak proof fit, and elastic band in front creates a pouch to assure coverage for male dogs.
  • Waist Velcro hook and loop closure allows for adjust-ability.
  • The diaper design allows it to expand to catch all fluids and solids. Use of a disposable absorb-able liner will catch all liquids.
  • Made from UPF 50+ rated nylon/lycra fabrics, which is the highest sun protection provided by apparel, and block 97.5% of harmful UV rays.
  • Made from CHEMICAL FREE fabrics!

For light seasonal flow or minor excitable urination the garments may be used alone, or in conjunction with the absorbent liners. Velcro hook and loop closure around tail hole can be adjusted for a better fit.
  • Female and Male diapers follow the same sizing.
  • Made with Three Layers to Offer the Most Protection
  • Soft Elastic Around Legs Assures Leak Proof Fit and Elastic Band in Front Creates Pouch for Male Dogs
  • Adjustable Velcro Hook and Loop Waist and Tail Opening
  • Suggested for Light Minor Excitable Urination. Add Absorbent Liner to Catch Heavy Fluids.-Liners are available at any grocery store

Product Reviews for Doggie Diaper- MADE IN THE USA

Tips for Using A Doggie Diaper or Belly Band
Generally, dog trainers recommend diapers only for incontinent dogs or dogs in heat and not for housetraining. I think trainers are worried that people will use the diaper as a crutch and end up not successfully housetraining the dog at all, which is a valid concern. However, a dog diaper can be a helpful aid if used as part of a complete housetraining program for certain dogs. Is your dog a good candidate for housetraining using a dog diaper? Is your dog mostly housetrained? The diaper is useful towards the end of the housetraining process when your dog readily goes potty outside and only has less than one accident a day. Is your dog easy going about wearing things and being handled? This method works best for dogs that are calm about being handled and won't mind wearing the diaper. If you don't think this is your dog, you might as well skip it and stick with the traditional housetraining method. For boy dogs that just have pee accidents, the Male Wrap can be a perfect version of the diaper as it is easier to put on and take off.
First, find a good-fitting and comfortable dog diaper.
Next, it is important to teach the dog that wearing the diaper is a good thing so that he or she is not frightened by the process or become upset when you approach. Do this by taking it slow with your dog and using lots of treats during the process of putting the diaper on. A second person can be helpful at first to feed the treats while you position the diaper. If your dog tries to wiggle out of the diaper once it is on, try to interrupt, and then reward him or her for calmness. If your dog really dislikes the diaper it may just not be worth it since you will be able to housetrain your dog just fine using the basic housetraining protocol without the diaper. The time to begin using the diaper on your dog is when you are almost 100% sure that your dog won't have an accident in the house.
The diaper is helpful in the following ways:
  • Prevents floor, carpet and furniture clean-up (it can be difficult to remove all lingering odor which can hold back housetraining).
  • Lets you know for sure that your dog has had an accident and that you need to give him or her less freedom.
  • Makes going potty in the house somewhat uncomfortable for your dog which can help discourage him from "going" in the house.
  • Helpful and courteous to use when visiting as dogs are often more likely to have accidents at a new place. (It is also important to remember to give your dog less freedom at a new place.)
If your dog has an accident in the diaper it means that you need to:
  • Give your dog less freedom in the house. Do this by using a crate, tether (only when you are home), exercise pen or by gating them in a smaller area.
  • Take your dog outside more often for potty breaks (up to once an hour during the day). Reward with a extra tasty treat for going potty outside. If the accident is happening by the door, you can help your dog learn to signal to you when he or she wants to go out by teaching them to use a bell.
  •   Clean the diaper and also w ash and dry the dog to prevent a rash. A second diaper can be helpful when waiting for the first to be clean again.
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