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The Kool Collar is an extremely effective, unique dog cooling product. The Kool Collar can help reduce the risk for heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Dog Cooling Collar
Dog Cooling Collar Dog Cooling Collar Dog Cooling Collar Dog Cooling Collar
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Buy these now - Use them all summer!
Indoors, the Kool Kollar uses its unique cooling tubes to keep your dog cool. Outdoors, it uses melting ice to act as sweat on your dog. It's easy, durable and effective. You will notice a huge difference when your dog wears this collar!
Whether you use the Kool Collar filled with ice (Outside) or with a patented Kool Tube freezer tube (Inside), your dog will be much more cool and comfortable in the summer heat.
The Kool Collar protects your dog from the risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Its patented technology uses ice to stimulate artificial sweat and promote evaporative cooling.
How Cool Collar Works

  • Melting ice acts as artificial perspiration, keeping your dog cool, safe and comfortable.
  • Helps prevent heatstroke and heat-related health problems.
  • Keeps your dog happier and more attentive during high activity.
  • Use year-round indoors with included freezer tube and outdoors with ice cubes in warm temps or during high activity.
  • Washable, easy to use and re-use
  • Vet recommended, non-toxic, non-staining
  • We recommend buying extra cool tubes and cycling them inside the collar for extra cooling
  • One KoolTube freezer tube is included with the collar.

  • How does it work? Outdoors, when the KoolKollar is filled with ice, the melting ice runs down your dog's chest and offers a comfortable cool sensation. More importantly, the Kool Kollar promotes evaporative cooling over your dog's vascular chest area. The action of the water evaporating cools your dog's blood and core temperature keeping them safe from heat stroke.
    Indoors when the KoolCollar is filled with the KoolTube. KoolTubes are intended to be used anytime it is not practical to have your dog dripping water from using ice in the KoolCollar. The KoolTubes are a semi-disposable, non-toxic, and non-staining alternative to ice. They are perfect for use inside the house, traveling in a motor home, car, truck, etc.
    ďHeat stroke in warmer temperatures is a concern especially with working dogs. The benefits of external water (melting ice) and the KoolCollar can help aid in the cooling process. Along with fresh drinking water, available shade & one's awareness of the temperature and the type of exercise the dog is undergoing." Dr. Eric B. Atwell DVM

    Available sizes:
    • Small: Adjustable 11" - 17 1/2" to fit most small breed dogs such as Poodles and Small Terriers. OUT OF STOCK
    • Medium: Adjustable 17 1/2" - 24" in length and fits most working class dogs such as Labradors and Pointers up to about 75 - 80 lbs. OUT OF STOCK
    • Large: Adjustable 24" - 30 1/2" in length and fits most large breed dogs

    Keep Your Dog Cool Tips, click here

Product Reviews for Dog Cooling Collar

Q: How can this help my dog if it stays inside all day?
A: The KoolCollar can be used inside with the reusable freezer tubes for perpetual cooling. It might feel cold to you in your house, but that doesn't mean it feels that way to your dog. Dogs show they are warm by panting or plopping down on a cold tile floor. The Kool Collar keeps them cool.
Q: I donít need a KoolCollar, my dog has a pool/getís hosed down when itís hot outside.
A: The KoolCollar provides your dog with perpetual and mobile cooling. Your pool might be too warm for them to cool them down.
Q: I like the idea of a KoolCollar but are the KoolTubes safe if my dog eats it?
A: Yes! They patented KoolTubes are non-toxic and non-staining. They are considered semi-disposable due to the nature of their use.
Q: I have a small dog that isnít very active, why do I need a KoolCollar?
A: Smaller dogs have shorter legs. Because of this they are closer to the ground where it is at times 5 to 10 degrees hotter than it would be for larger dogs.
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