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Dog Cooling Scarf

Dog Cooling Scarf
Dog Cooling Scarf Dog Cooling Scarf Dog Cooling Scarf Dog Cooling Scarf
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What Our Top Dog Says About the Dog Cooling Scarf :

The Dog Cooling Scarf is a simple solution to cool your dog. Simply soak it in water for two minutes to activate it. Then place it on your dog and as the water drips on his chest it creates artificial sweat cooling him off
The Cooling Scarf continually pulls the heat out of the dog's bloodstream as it rushes past the veins in their neck. Coolness circulates throughout the dog's neck area and can keep their body temperature at a comfortable level all day long. They literally get cooled from the inside out!

The cooling scarf uses non-toxic polymer crystals that take water and create a cooling action through evaporation. To use, simply soak in cold water for two to five minutes, then wring it out. The effects last for up to five hours! To reuse, simply repeat the process.

Here Are The Doggie Details:

  • Fits dog neck sizes 13 - 24 inches
  • Scarfs are 100% cotton, so they can be worn comfortably all day.
  • They are and are non-toxic so they will not irritate the skin or be harmful if chewed
  • Made from the highest quality polymer. Cooling scarves absorb 400 times their weight in water
  • For dogs, simply cut it to size or wrap it around twice.
  • As with collars, the rule of thumb is to make it loose enough to stick two of your fingers underneath the neck band.
  • It will provide up to 5-10 hours of cooling per soaking (depending upon the climate)
  • For humid climates, try freezing it first. Or we also recommend the cooling collar which uses temperature -controlled ice

What My Top Dog Should Know About The Dog Cooling Scarf:

  • Works for people & pets !
  • Featured Product in Whole Dog Journal -JULY 2013
  • The principle at work here is the powerful cooling properties of evaporation. The cooling scarf lets the evaporation cooling process do the work.

What Comes In The Doggie Bag:
  • One Dog Cooling Scarf

Care:To clean the cooling scarf, hand wash in mild detergent but don't leave it to soak, then rinse and dry. It is not machine washable.

Product Reviews for Dog Cooling Scarf

How this compares to other dog cooling scarves and bandanas
Material is very durable
This fabric lasts in the water much longer than other products, which typically last less than an hour
Fits Dogs Well
Bandanas are very hard to size for dogs. They also shrink when wet and can get too tight on the dog
Colling scarves fit much better. Excellent Material
This scarf soaks up water well. Some other products require you to soak and “rub” the water into them as they do not soak up water very quickly
The bandana material can get moldy smelling very fast if not dried well. And there is nothing worse than wet dog smell mixed with mold !
We chose Technique because they are the leaders in Cooling products for the military and have TESTED technology
How it Works Cool Downz® are bandannas filled with special crystals that when soaked in water will stay cool for days. Wear them around your head or neck and feel cooler for outdoor activities such as gardening, sports, or just walking the dog. Cool Downz® crystals are air cooled by taking advantage of the evaporation process. It will feel like you have your own personal air conditioner.

How to use: Simply soak Cool Downz® in water for a few minutes. Then place around forehead or neck and be prepared for instant relief. Use it over and over again by simply reactivating it in normal tap water. Cool Downz are 36" long and 2" wide.
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