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Versatile Cooling Collar That Cools your Dog & Turns into a Water Bowl

Cooling Collar & Dog Bowl !
Cooling Collar & Dog Bowl !Cooling Collar & Dog Bowl !Cooling Collar & Dog Bowl !Cooling Collar & Dog Bowl !
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Pawabunga Bandana Bowls were chosen as one of the top 4 favorite items at Global Pet Expo 2014!

Transformable Water Bowl Bandanas
Keep your dog looking and feeling cool! These new Bandana Bowls make outdoor adventures with your dog even better. This functional bandana collar easily unfolds into a portable water bowl to keep your pup hydrated

And, on really hot days, it can be used as a cooling collar by dipping the bandana into cold water and filling the inside pocket with ice cubes.Simply fill it with ice so it cools your dog while walking.
Then when he needs a drink it easily turns into a water bowl !

Product De-Tails
  • Cute colors with Pawvard K9 University logo
  • Three sizes: Small,Medium, Large
  • Soft material
  • Well-constructed bowl, doesn't leak
  • All materials are non-toxic
  • Machine wash cold on gentle cycle; line dry; do not bleach; do not iron

  • Small :Dogs up to 25lbs|Neck size 11-14"|Holds 22 oz. of water
  • Medium :Dogs up to 60lbs|Neck size 14-17"|Holds 34 oz. of water
  • Large : Dogs up to 120lbs|Neck size 17-22"|Holds 65oz. of water

Product Reviews for Cooling Collar & Dog Bowl !

We at Pawabunga are very concerned about pet care so we wanted to look into this to find out more about itÖ In reading up on articles published by veterinarians and www.snopes.com, we were able to conclude that this is NOT true and wanted to give you some of the facts and reasons why: First, while ice may cause a muscle spasm, this is more likely to cause vomiting. Secondly, if ice caused bloating, there would be more cases of bloat during the winter in dogs that live outdoors in cold parts of the country where their ice bowl ices over and this just isnít the case. It is very likely that dogs are given ice or iced water to drink when they are hot and thirsty, perhaps after heavy exercise. Under these circumstances, they are likely to drink a lot of water very quickly and this is a known risk factor for bloat. To prevent this, feed your pup several small meals a day instead of one or two large meals and donít let them drink lots of water at once. They should also avoid exercise for an hour or so after mealtime. Bloat is a condition in a dog when they eat too much or too fast and suck in air with the food or water allowing the stomach to fill with gas. Most often, dogs will eat their meal very fast and then run and play, sucking in air as they bounce around, filling their stomach. Some dogs will bloat by eating too much too fast. Because of this, the stomach fills with gas and at risk for flipping, causing a GDV (Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus), which is an emergency condition and requires immediate surgery. Dogs with bloat of GDV can very quickly go into shock and if stretched too far can potentially slough part of their stomach, which is life threatening. Most common breeds susceptible to bloat are the deep chested dogs such as Bassett Hounds, Standard Poodles, Labradors, Weimaraners, Shepherds, etc. So, the key is to make sure your dog keeps hydrated on these hot days is to give them a lot of water breaks so they donít drink the water too quickly. Our Pawabunga Bandana Bowls would be helpful as the dog can wear itís own bowl! During walks, you can untie the bandana and they pop right into a portable water bowl! And, on really hot days, it can be used as a cooling collar by dipping the bandana into cold water and filling the inside pocket with ice cubes.

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