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Chill Collar
Chill Collar Chill Collar
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Top Dog Note: These are the most sturdy cooling collars on the market. The other dog cooling collars are in short supply this summer. We strongly recommend this cooling collar which is made by the same company that makes the Vet-Recommended Comfy Cone:
The Chill Collar is 2 lbs. It is only recommended for bulldogs and larger dogs. The neck meaurement is the key metric for deciding what size is needed. The Small Size is actually for bulldog's sized necks

Chill Collar Product De-Tails:

  • The Chill Collar is a refillable and chillable way to help pets stay cool!
  • Whether on a walk, playing at the park or chilling at home, the Chill Collar keeps your dog cool for as long as 2 hours!
  • Fits comfortably around the neck of the animal.
  • Never loses its circular shape, even when freezing.
  • Unique hidden buckle easily keeps the collar fastened.
  • Recommended by Vets to aid with overheating/heat exhaustion for flat-faced breeds, such as bulldogs, pugs, etc.
  • Easy to use, just fill with water to the fill line, place in freezer and freeze completely before using.
  • Decorative sleeve for dogs with sensitive skin.*
  • Unique threaded plug design forms a tight seal to prevent water from leaking.
  • Your pet can drink the water when you are finished using the Chill Collar.**
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Always ready when you and your dog are on the go!

    • The Chill Collar is for serious cooling for pets during hot weather.
    • The Chill Collar is for dogs that can’t efficiently cool their bodies down, like Bulldogs and Black Labs.
    • The Chill Collar allows dogs that participate in agility and gives K9 units, hunting dogs and working dogs a longer period of time to be outside doing their job; no matter how hot it may be.
    • The Chill Collar allows dogs to work while cooling their bodies so they can play longer in the heat.  Afterwards they’re not over heated or dehydrated.
    • Use indoors for homes without air conditioning, especially on sick or elderly dogs.
    • The Chill Collar can be used year round as way for dogs to carry their own water on hikes, camping or at the park.  Just fill the fill The Chill Collar with water and let them carry it themselves. Easy to refill at water fountains and sinks.
    • Not Recommended for dogs that are smaller than a French Bulldog with a thick neck.
    • All types of Bulldogs have trouble cooling their bodies down and regulating their temperature, The Chill Collar can make the difference between surviving or not in the heat.

    • Important tips:

      • When the collar is frozen, you find pockets where there isn't any ice, it means you did not put enough water in.
      • To make sure you have not put too much water in the collar, make sure after you buckle the two ends together you can see an air bubble. This is necessary to give the ice room to expand as the water freezes.
      • Since it is best to have the coldest part of the collar on the back of the pet's neck, rotate the collar every once in a while.
      • The Chill collar is made with nonrigid silicon and will never loose it's shape . The water is evenly distributed around the collar so that it will never hang from the pets neck causing it to be too heavy for your pet to use. Keeping it's shape makes it extremely easy to use and refreeze.

Product Reviews for Chill Collar

1) Holding the buckle press on the two buttons and pull apart
2) Unscrew the screw cap opening the fill hole
3) Pour in fresh water to the fill line and screw back in tight
4) For easier, straighten out the collar 2 or 3 times to help remove air bubbles
5) Screw the cap in tightly, wipe dry any water and close buckle
7) When you and your pet are finished using the Chill Collar, and you have not emptied the water, simply wipe clean and place it back in the freezer for your next outing
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